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The Daily Dose is the official e-newsletter of the IARS 2023 Annual Meeting. Discover major takeaways from sessions on important topics in anesthesiology. Join conversations currently in progress in the member communities. See what your colleagues are saying about the meetings on social media. Plus, much more!

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Newsletter Issue 1: New Approaches – April 14, 2023

In this issue, you can access the exciting highlights and engaging conversations from the first day of the IARS 2023 Annual Meeting, held Friday, April 14! Today, two sessions challenged the audience to broaden their thinking and consider new approaches to tough problems facing anesthesiology. Topics ranged from the pressing need to recruit, retain and promote a diverse physician anesthesiologist workforce and encourage equity in healthcare delivery to how artificial intelligence and machine learning will influence healthcare and improve patient care. Plus, gain a behind-the-scenes look at upcoming poster presenters and their thought-provoking research and continue conversations with speakers in the IARS Online Member Community.

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Newsletter Issue 2: Improving Care – April 15, 2023

In this issue, gain insights from thought-provoking sessions and fascinating conversations from the IARS 2023 Annual Meeting! Three dynamic sessions presented ways to reduce risk and improve patient care. From uncovering biomarkers for pain and pain relief, to tackling disparities in professional opportunity and delivery of anesthesia, to leveraging perioperative blood management, these session thought leaders covered the gamut. Also, two SmartTots Research Grant Awardees share their preliminary research findings prior to their presentations at the SmartTots Panel on Sunday, April 16. Plus, don’t forget to join in discussions happening now in the IARS Online Member Community and continue these captivating conversations with speakers.

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Newsletter Issue 3: Aiming for Better – April 16, 2023

In this issue, discover thoughtful highlights and compelling conversations from the IARS 2023 Annual Meeting! Today, expert speakers featured in this issue focused on a wide range of challenges facing anesthesiologists and healthcare, however, they also shared opportunities and a common goal to aim to be better, both as academics, investigators and clinicians. During a tactical workshop, attendees worked closely with Anesthesia & Analgesia Editors to develop skills to succeed at manuscript peer review. Another compelling session offered rescue therapies when a ventilator is not sufficient. Three sessions focused on addressing challenges to improving patient care including applying machine learning models for clinical care, quantifying hypothesis-disproving studies and novel approaches to assess obstetric hemorrhage. Plus, explore the pioneering research being conducted by the Kosaka Best Abstract Award Winners and three abstract presenters. Even though, sadly, the last session has concluded, you can still join meaningful discussions in the IARS Online Member Community, keeping the exciting momentum from this meeting going!

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Newsletter Issue 4: Reducing Risk – April 17, 2023

In this issue, thought leaders in anesthesiology contemplate tough problems facing patient care and healthcare today and engage tough questions to help move the needle towards finding the answers to reduce risk for patients and healthcare workers alike. Two thought-provoking sessions address health inequity and health disparities and current healthcare worker shortages that cause inordinate strain globally, identifying opportunities to act and impart change for the better. In two more fascinating sessions, experts identify areas to mitigate risk from prehabilitation to prevent postoperative complications to finding methods to intervene with intraoperative hypotension. Two abstract presenters reflect on how receiving an IARS research grant helped enhance their research and their career trajectory. Plus, conversations are still buzzing in the IARS Online Member Community. Add your voice!

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Newsletter Issue 5: A Bright Future – April 21, 2023

The future of the anesthesiology specialty is bright. From two Kosaka Top Abstract Finalists who are making impressive grounds towards advancing anesthesia research to energized young poster presenters sharing their studies in the poster hall to a highly engaged group of early-stage anesthesiology scholars who joined the IARS, AUA, SOCCA and Early-Stage Anesthesiology Scholars (eSAS) Scholars’ Day on Saturday, April 15, this is more evident than ever. To add to this encouraging evidence was the anesthesiology thought leaders who leant their wisdom during the Scholars’ Day to guide these promising scholars to find the appropriate path for funding and in academic medicine as well as addressing important topics impacting patient care such as inequalities in healthcare. Plus, in one session cosponsored by eSAS, young investigators shared their long-term efforts directed at better understanding sepsis and improving patient outcomes. 

Newsletter Issue 6: Advancing Research – April 24, 2023

We hope you have enjoyed the coverage from the IARS 2023 Annual Meeting and found the articles, photos and conversations shared within these issues meaningful, providing you with major takeaways to improve your research, practice and ultimately patient care. We encourage you to continue to engage with the IARS and consider joining or renewing your membership or donating to help support anesthesia research. With your expertise and unique perspective, we ensure a bright future for the anesthesiology specialty.

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In this final issue for 2023, thought leaders from a wide variety of anesthesia subspecialties contemplate the future of anesthesia research and offer a promising and bright perspective for anesthesiology and patient care at the IARS 2023 Annual Meeting. During the International Science Symposium, experts revisited the poliomyelitis epidemic and the creation of the first intensive care unit (ICU) and extrapolated how this has influenced critical care medicine today and will in the future. Additionally, SmartTots Research Grant Recipients outlined the latest advances in the study of pediatric anesthetic neurotoxicity. In another engaging session, speakers explained how the intersection of two specialties led to promising drugs to treat psychiatric disorders.