The Daily Dose • Thursday, June 3, 2021

Networking and Engagement Among the Newest Generation of Anesthesiologist-Scientist Leaders

Saul Siller, MD, PhD

After presentations from both senior and blossoming anesthesiologist-scientists covering a wide range of topics, the IARS, AUA, SOCCA, and eSAS’ Scholars Day on May 8 concluded with an interactive networking session and business meeting that truly displayed the enthusiasm for the Early-Stage Anesthesiology Scholars and its mission. This session was hosted by Jamie Privratsky, PhD, MD, and Broc Burke, MD, PhD, the current co-presidents of eSAS, and was split into two sessions.

As the pandemic has raged on over the past year, our lives have been disrupted; we have missed seeing family, connecting with friends, and enjoying the company of co-workers. Oftentimes, people have simply felt that life has just passed by. Included in those events we have missed are in-person conferences with the chance to see our friends in the larger anesthesiology community, the possibility of making new friends, and the opportunity to network. During Scholars’ Program, the networking session provided an invaluable outlet for us to re-connect with old friends and make new friends. The conference participants were split into groups of only two to four attendees in breakout rooms for this session.

After being split into these breakout rooms, the participants dropped their façade of having their videos’ turned off and their audio muted. As individuals appeared on each others’ screens, conversations sparked. In one breakout room, three attendees who had not previously met gathered. Introductions were quickly made, and discussion quickly ensued with topics including eSAS, careers, and devotion to networking with each other despite being on-call or post-call. While only a short video chat, each participant left with two or three new friends in eSAS and felt a little closer to each other despite the 2021 Scholars’ Program taking place in our homes, apartments, and offices this year.

The enthusiasm generated in the networking session spilled over into the business meeting that followed. Most of the business meeting was spent describing the multiple ways that eSAS has been expanding and the multiple ways to get involved. For example, the need to improve eSAS’ social media footprint as well as to create a position dedicated to improving communications were all on the agenda. Furthermore, volunteers for planning eSAS events at ASA 2021 Annual Meeting as well as IARS 2022 Annual Meeting were solicited. Identifying those who are interested in planning future Scholars’ Programs was a priority. Finally, as a result of the ensuing discussion, the critical need to improve diversity and inclusion within eSAS and the creation of a position to address this was identified. With so many opportunities for involvement, it was amazing to see the number of people who were interested in assuming leadership roles and contributing to eSAS. The enthusiasm for getting involved ranged from fourth-year medical students who will be entering anesthesiology residencies this coming fall to current assistant professors of anesthesiology.

Between reconnecting with old friends, making new ones, and seeing great excitement in the membership, the networking and business meeting was the culmination of the amazing, fulfilling 2021 Scholars’ Program. The strengths of the eSAS community and the advantages of being a part of such a strong group of scholars were on full display.

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