2009 SCA-IARS Mid-Career Grant

Assistant Professor in Anesthesiology
Anesthesiology and Clinical Science Departments
Duke University Medical Center
Durham, North Carolina

Dr. Ma’s Research

PPAR gamma as a novel therapeutic target in perioperative cerebral injury following deep hypothermic circulatory arrest.

Related Publications

Effects of deep hypothermic circulatory arrest on the blood brain barrier in a cardiopulmonary bypass model–a pilot study.
Bartels K, Ma Q, Venkatraman TN, Campos CR, Smith L, Cannon RE, Podgoreanu MV, Lascola CD, Miller DS, Mathew JP.

Neurologic injury is common after cardiac surgery and disruption of the blood brain barrier (BBB) has been proposed as a contributing factor. We sought to study BBB characteristics in a rodent model of cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) and deep hypothermic circulatory arrest (DHCA)….

Moderate hypothermia induces marked increase in levels and nuclear accumulation of SUMO2/3-conjugated proteins in neurons.
Wang L, Ma Q, Yang W, Mackensen GB, Paschen W.

Deep hypothermia protects the brain from ischemic damage and is therefore used during major cardiovascular surgeries requiring cardiopulmonary bypass and a period of circulatory arrest. Here, we demonstrated that small ubiquitin-like modifier (SUMO1-3) conjugation is markedly activated in the brain during deep to moderate hypothermia. Animals were subjected to normothermic…

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