Online Communities

Connect and collaborate with peers and experts in the IARS Online Communities, supported by DocMatter. Discover key engagements and thoughtful connections, all in a space tailored to you and the specific needs of the anesthesia and medical community as a whole!

IARS Online Community

The IARS Online Community offers the opportunity to engage in insightful, high-quality, clinical discussions where experiences, ideas, and questions are exchanged within the anesthesia specialty.

  • Connect with colleagues and thought leaders to share your experiences and ideas
  • Collaborate and strategize on best practices for your clinical and research practice
  • Join or start discussions on the most pertinent topics related to the anesthesiology specialty
  • Access to participate in a broader 30,000 member Global COVID-19 Community

Early-Stage Anesthesiology Scholars Online Community

The Early-Stage Anesthesiology Scholars (eSAS) Online Community provides much needed resources for early-career scholars including, fellowship, case collaboration, consensus building, medical skills advancement, mentorship, medical data/technology discovery and evaluation — essentially all areas relevant to your future and the future of academic anesthesiology.

About eSAS

Early-Stage Anesthesiology Scholars (eSAS), which helps to plan the Scholars’ Program at the IARS Annual Meeting, is a community led by trainees, for trainees. eSAS serves the interests of early-career anesthesiologist scientists, providing an academic home for developing scholars in anesthesiology. To learn more about eSAS and how to get involved, visit