2005 Frontiers in Anesthesia Research Award $500,000

Michael Zaugg, MD, MBA, FRCPC

During Award Period

University of Zurich
Zurich, Switzerland

Current position

Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Dr. Zaugg’s Research

Functional Genomics of Anesthetic Protection in Human Myocardium

Related Publications

Propofol (DiprivanĀ®) and Intralipid Exacerbate Insulin Resistance in Type-2 Diabetic Hearts by Impairing GLUT4 Trafficking.
Lou PH, Lucchinetti E, Zhang L, Affolter A, Gandhi M, Zhakupova A, Hersberger M, Hornemann T, Clanachan AS, Zaugg M.

The IV anesthetic, propofol, when administered as fat emulsion-based formulation (Diprivan) promotes insulin resistance, but the direct effects of propofol and its solvent, Intralipid, on cardiac insulin resistance are unknown.

Early mitochondrial dysfunction in glycolytic muscle, but not oxidative muscle, of the fructose-fed insulin-resistant rat.
Warren BE, Lou PH, Lucchinetti E, Zhang L, Clanachan AS, Affolter A, Hersberger M, Zaugg M, Lemieux H.

Although evidence that type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is accompanied by mitochondrial dysfunction in skeletal muscle has been accumulating, a causal link between mitochondrial dysfunction and the pathogenesis of the disease remains unclear. Our study focuses on…

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