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This page was created to provide information on a variety of topics of interest to IARS members. Please see below for answers to your questions on the following topics:
Eligibility and Benefits
Dues and Payment
Member Profile and Contact Information
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Why should I join IARS?
With the support of members like you, IARS is able to contribute more than $1 million annually to fund anesthesia research and provide a forum for anesthesiology leaders to share information and ideas. Many well-known and respected health professionals in anesthesia-related fields like you are members because they know there is no better way to stay up-to-date in your practice and research, gain skills to improve patient care, and build connections with the thought leaders in anesthesiology.

IARS is a unique group – solely dedicated to the advancement and support of education and scientific research related to anesthesiology.

Who can be a member of IARS?
Individuals who are licensed or accredited as allied health professionals in anesthesia-related specialties as well as individuals who are otherwise interested in anesthesia research or research outcomes. There are also membership opportunities for individuals in anesthesiology training programs and those retired from the specialty.

How do I join or renew membership with IARS?
To join IARS, select the Join Now button for the membership type that best applies to you here. Complete the online application and submit payment to become a member.

To renew membership to IARS, click here. Submit your renewal payment.

What membership types are available?
Click here for a list of membership types and requirements.

What benefits are provided to IARS members?
Click here for a list of all member benefits.

What member benefits do trainees in the Program-Supported In-Training membership receive?
PSIT membership provides trainees with the following benefits:

  • Digital subscriptions to Anesthesia & Analgesia and A&A Practice — the journals anesthesiologists rely on for practical research and information, including analysis of high quality case reports with teaching points and novel educational tools;
  • A&A Bulletin, our monthly e-newsletter, which provides summaries from A&A and updates of particular interest to anesthesiologists in training from OpenAnesthesia;
  •, a free comprehensive resource for anesthesiology trainees and physicians worldwide, sponsored by IARS;
  • A 10% discount on membership to OpenAnesthesia SelfStudyPLUS, an adaptive learning educational resource for self-assessment and exam prep;
  • A limited number of print journals for program office if requested.

How do I enroll my residency program for the PSIT membership?
To enroll your program, call 1-240-646-7089 or email [email protected].


How much are dues?
Dues vary depending on the type of membership:
Full Member: $225/year
Trainee Member: $25/year
Program-Supported In-Training: Varies/year
Retired Member: $75/year
Journal Affiliate Member: $195/year – see member society for specific journal affiliate discount code

What is the Program-Supported In-Training membership and how are dues levels determined?
Program-Supported In-Training (PSIT) memberships provide a cost-effective way for training programs to provide their residents and fellows with the benefits and educational opportunities of the IARS. PSIT dues amount covers all residents and fellows in the program and are determined by program size as follows:

Programs with 15 or fewer trainees: $225/year
Programs with 16-30 trainees: $375/year
Programs with 31-50 trainees: $575/year
Programs with 51 or more trainees: $775/year

If I am a member of Anesthesia & Analgesia journal affiliate societies, do I receive any discounts for becoming an IARS member?
Yes. Members of Anesthesia & Analgesia journal affiliate societies receive a $30 discount on an IARS Full Membership. Contact your affiliate society for the IARS discount code. Only one society discount may be used per annual membership. The SCA offers an SCA/IARS Preferred Joint Membership which includes a discount on the SCA member rate. Contact SCA for additional information.

To claim your Affiliate Society discount, enter the discount code and click Apply so the discount will be applied to your payment total.

Which societies are Anesthesia & Analgesia journal affiliates?
Click here for a list of A&A journal affiliate societies.

How do I pay my membership dues?
1. Pay with a credit card online.
2. Call 240-646-7089 and use a credit card by phone.
3. Make a check out to: IARS; and mail to:
P.O. Box 7695
San Francisco, CA 94120-7695

What forms of payment do you accept for membership?
Membership payment can be made via check, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), and wire transfer. Please make checks payable to IARS.

Can I cancel my membership?
IARS membership dues are not refundable. Exceptions may be made under special circumstances and if requested within three months of payment.

Is my membership renewal due on the anniversary of my join date, or is the membership term based on the calendar year? Do I pay the full amount of dues for the first year, or a prorated amount?
Your membership term is for one year beginning on the day you join IARS. Full dues are due on the date you join and afterward on your anniversary date.

I recently retired, and wish to maintain my relationship with IARS. Does IARS offer a retired membership option?
Yes. Retired membership is open to members who have recently retired, but still want to stay updated on the latest news in the field and support the profession to which they devoted their careers. Retired membership rate of $75/year is available. To become a member at this level, please contact Member Services at [email protected] or 1-240-646-7089.

Are my IARS membership dues tax-deductible?
The IARS is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, a portion of membership dues may be treated as a deductible business expense.


How do I update my contact information for IARS membership?
Please contact IARS Member Services at [email protected] or 240-646-7089.

You can also login into your A&A/Member Portal here. Click on your name in the upper right corner of the screen to access your member profile. 

How do I update my contact information for A&A?

You can login here to update your contact information.

Please contact IARS Member Services at [email protected] or 240-646-7089. You can also fax the form in your A&A journal to 240-846-6134.

Address changes can also be mailed to:
IARS Membership Renewal

P.O. Box 7695

San Francisco, CA 94120-7695

I forgot my username or password. How do I find it?
Member usernames are the primary email address affiliated with IARS membership. To reset your password or retrieve your username, click here.

Please contact Member Services at [email protected] or 240-646-7089 for more information.

I didn’t receive my A&A journal in the mail. What do I do?
Contact A&A Member Services at 866-489-0443 or [email protected].


I recently joined IARS. When will I begin receiving information and email communications such as A&A, A&A Practice and the A&A Bulletin?
New members will start receiving email communications from IARS within a month from the date membership dues were paid.

Online access to A&A, A&A Practice, and A&A Bulletin will be available within 48 hours. If you are experiencing difficulty activating or logging on to your online publication, please contact LWW Society Member Care at 1-866-489-0443 if within the US (1-301-223-2300 outside of the US) or email us at [email protected].

Your print subscription to A&A will begin with the first issue published after your membership start date. Although we make every effort to ensure delivery, we are not responsible for local postal delays or undeliverables. Claims for missed issues must be made within 90 days of journal issue date for residents of the US, and within 180 days for residents of other countries. Contact [email protected] for assistance.

As a member, how do I get involved with IARS?
There are many ways to share your knowledge, time and skills with the IARS community in one of the following ways:

  • Annual Meeting Abstract Poster Moderator
  • Annual Meeting Abstract Reviewer
  • Annual Meeting Session Proposal Reviewer
  • A&A Editor
  • A&A Reviewer
  • Writer
  • Mentor a Scholar

Click here to submit an interest form.

How can I provide support to IARS as a member?
The IARS contributes more than $1 million each year to fund important anesthesia research. Members can donate in two ways:
1. Donate to IARS and fund innovative and forward-thinking anesthesia research and educational initiatives.
2. Donate to SmartTots and fund important and innovative anesthesia research projects to increase the safety of anesthetics and make surgery as safe as possible for children.

Click here for more information or to donate now.

How do I find information on the Annual Meeting and other educational opportunities through IARS?
Click here to learn more about the IARS Annual Meeting.

Click here to learn about other educational and CME activities available through IARS.


Contact IARS Member Services at [email protected] or 240-646-7089.

Support IARS

The IARS contributes more than $1 million each year to fund important anesthesia research. Your donation will help support innovative and forward-thinking anesthesia research and education initiatives, all of which are designed to benefit patient care. You can feel good knowing that 100% of your donation is directly allocated to research.