2009 Teaching Recognition Award for Innovation in Education

Medge D. Owen, MD

Wake Forest University School of Medicine
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Dr. Owen’s innovative project, Kybele is a humanitarian organization dedicated to improving childbirth safety worldwide through educational partnerships.

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Related Publications

Teaching neuraxial anesthesia techniques for obstetric care in a ghanaian referral hospital: achievements and obstacles.
Olufolabi AJ, Atito-Narh E, Eshun M, Ross VH, Muir HA, Owen MD.

Anesthesia providers in low-income countries may infrequently provide regional anesthesia techniques for obstetrics due to insufficient training and supplies, limited manpower, and a lack of perceived need. In 2007, Kybele, Inc. began a 5-year collaboration in Ghana to improve obstetric anesthesia services. A program was designed to teach spinal anesthesia…

Establishing an obstetric neuraxial service in low-resource areas.
Kodali BS, Jagannathan DK, Owen MD.

The proportion of laboring women utilizing neuraxial techniques for labor analgesia has steadily increased over the past decades in North America, the UK and parts of Europe. Anesthesiologists in many other countries may want to introduce an obstetric neuraxial service…

Advancing obstetric anesthesia practices in Georgia through clinical education and quality improvement methodologies.
Ninidze N, Bodin S, Ivester T, Councilman L, Clyne B, Owen M.

To determine whether an integrated program of clinical education and improvement methods regarding the safe use of regional anesthesia for obstetrics would result in improved and sustained practice change in Georgia.

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