2009 SCA-IARS Starter Grant

Mark A. Lovich, MD, PhD
Director of Preclinical Anesthesia Research
Director, Anesthesia Preadmission Test Area
St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center
Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology
Tufts University School of Medicine
Boston, Massachusetts

Dr. Lovich’s Research

Pericardial Inotropic Therapy: A new paradigm for studying heart contraction.

Related Publications

Drug infusion system manifold dead-volume impacts the delivery response time to changes in infused medication doses in vitro and also in vivo in anesthetized swine.
Lovich MA, Wakim MG, Wei A, Parker MJ, Maslov MY, Pezone MJ, Tsukada H, Peterfreund RA.

IV infusion systems can be configured with manifolds connecting multiple drug infusion lines to transcutaneous catheters. Prior in vitro studies suggest that there may be significant lag times for drug delivery to reflect changes in infusion rates set at the pump, especially with low drug and carrier flows…

Local epicardial inotropic drug delivery allows targeted pharmacologic intervention with preservation of myocardial loading conditions.
Lovich MA, Wei AE, Maslov MY, Wu PI, Edelman ER.

Local myocardial application of inotropes may allow the study of pharmacologically augmented central myocardial contraction in the absence of confounding peripheral vasodilating effects and alterations in heart loading conditions. Novel alginate epicardial (EC) drug releasing…

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