2011 SCA-IARS Starter Grant

Jan Stumpner, MD

Department of Anesthesia
University of Würzburg
Würzburg, Germany

Dr. Stumpner’s Research

The functional role of calcium/calmodulin kinase II in ischemic and anesthetic-induced cardiac protection.

Related Publications

The Role of Cyclooxygenase-1 and -2 in Sevoflurane-Induced Postconditioning Against Myocardial Infarction.
Stumpner J, Tischer-Zeitz T, Frank A, Lotz C, Redel A, Lange M, Kehl F, Roewer N, Smul T.

Cyclooxygenase (COX)-2 mediates ischemic pre- and postconditioning as well as anesthetic-induced preconditioning. However, the role of COX-1 and -2 in anesthetic-induced postconditioning has not been investigated. We evaluated the role of COX-1 and -2 in sevoflurane-induced postconditioning in vivo. Pentobarbital-anaesthetized…

Desflurane-induced post-conditioning against myocardial infarction is mediated by calcium-activated potassium channels: role of the mitochondrial permeability transition pore.
Stumpner J, Lange M, Beck A, Smul TM, Lotz CA, Kehl F, Roewer N, Redel A.

Desflurane (DES)-induced preconditioning is mediated by large-conductance calcium-activated potassium channels (BK(Ca)). Whether BK(Ca) are involved in anaesthetic-induced post-conditioning is unknown. We tested the hypothesis that DES-induced post-conditioning is mediated by…

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