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IARS OnDemand

IARS Annual Meeting OnDemand is a world class online resource provided by the International Anesthesia Research Society (IARS) for anesthesiology leaders, physicians, physician residents, and others with doctoral degrees, as well as health professionals in anesthesia-related practice. IARS OnDemand is designed to help professionals in the field stay abreast of the latest advancements, education, and scientific research related to anesthesiology.

EEG for Anesthesia

In recent years, a new approach for EEG monitoring in anesthesiology has been developed, making it possible for anesthesia care providers to easily read and recognize “EEG signatures” and dose-response patterns for most anesthetic drugs. This activity is composed of several courses, developed to introduce you to the basics of using EEG to recognize the altered states of arousal caused by commonly used anesthetic drugs.


Sponsored by the IARS, OpenAnesthesia™ premiered in 2009 as an experimental project designed to advance graduate medical education in the field of anesthesia. Founded by Dr. Edward C. Nemergut and Dr. Robert Thiele, the initiative has grown considerably and now offers comprehensive online and mobile educational resources for anesthesiologists around the world.


The IARS sponsors the SmartTots initiative in partnership with the FDA and works with multiple stakeholders to address scientific and clinical gaps regarding the safe use of anesthetics and sedatives in children. Research funded through SmartTots investigates multiple aspects of existing anesthetics and their administration, including dosage and exposure.

The Importance of Innovative Research

Find out why 2018 IMPACT Award Winner Dr. Michael Aziz says research is critical to the future of anesthesiology. The IMPACT award’s goal is to facilitate large clinical trials to answer important anesthesiology-related questions.


CME Opportunities

The IARS helps you stay up-to-date in your practice and research in anesthesiology with multiple opportunities to claim CME.

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Support IARS

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