Dedicated volunteers from the anesthesia community have helped to lead and direct many important programs at IARS.

These committees include:

Anesthesia Research Council

Supported by the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA), Foundation for Anesthesia and Education Research (FAER) and IARS, the Anesthesia Research Council aims to advance scientific discovery and health care policy through the development and dissemination of research in anesthesiology, perioperative, and pain medicine.

Annual Meeting Oversight Committee

The Annual Meeting Oversight Committee is a fast-paced committee responsible for the planning and execution of the IARS Annual Meeting and other educational opportunities throughout the year.

COVID-19 Scientific Advisory Board 

The COVID-19 Scientific Advisory Board helps curate and evaluate the most relevant peer-reviewed research coming out in anesthesiology journals about COVID-19 and synthesizes major takeaways to share with members and the anesthesia community.

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