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2008 Clinical Scholar Research Award

B. (Benedikt) Preckel, MD, DEAA
Professor of Anaesthesiology, specialising in Patient Safety during the perioperative process
Faculty of Medicine
University of Amsterdam
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dr. Preckel’s Research

Organ Protection by Noble Gases-Helium Induced Early and Late Preconditioning in Human Endothelium.

Related Publications

Noble gases as cardio-protectants – translatability and mechanism.
Smit KF, Weber NC, Hollmann MW, Preckel B.

Several noble gases, although classified as inert substances, exert in different experimental models tissue protection when applied before organ ischaemia as an early or late preconditioning stimulus, after ischaemia as a postconditioning stimulus…

Reduction of cardiac cell death after helium postconditioning in rats: transcriptional analysis of cell death and survival pathways.
Oei GT, Heger M, Van Golen RF, Alles LK, Flick M, Van Der Wal AC, Van Gulik TM, Hollmann MW, Preckel B, Weber NC.

Helium, a noble gas, has been safely used in humans. In animal models of regional myocardial ischemia/reperfusion it was shown that helium conditioning reduces infarct size. Currently it is not known how helium exerts its cytoprotective effects and which cell death/survival pathways are affected…

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