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The Daily Dose is the official e-newsletter of the 2024 Annual Meeting, presented by IARS and SOCCA. Discover major takeaways from sessions on important topics in anesthesiology. Join conversations currently in progress in the member communities. See what your colleagues are saying about the meetings on social media. Plus, much more!

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Newsletter Issue 1: May 17, 2024

In this issue, gain an inside look at the excitement that permeated the first day of the 2024 Annual Meeting, presented by IARS and SOCCA, on Friday, May 17. The poster hall was bustling from early morning to late afternoon where early-career investigators and established researchers mingled and built valuable new connections while the Opening Session drew a packed room for the T.H. Seldon Memorial Lecture. Today, two sessions set their sights outside the anesthesia box and contemplated new ways of looking at medicine from innovations in wireless sensors to the intersection of veterinary anesthetics with human medicine, no idea was too big. Don’t let the topics raised in these forward-thinking sessions stop there. Registrants can continue discussions in the IARS Online Member Community with select speakers, including the keynote speaker, Dr. John Rogers!

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Newsletter Issue 2: May 18, 2024

After the vibrancy of day one of the 2024 Annual Meeting, presented by IARS and SOCCA, around the poster room, in the session room and along the many hallways, it was hard to imagine that energy building and yet it did exponentially on day two, Saturday, May 18. First-time abstract presenters from all career levels from medical student to resident to long-time independent investigators shared exciting insights into many facets of anesthesia research during poster presentation and oral and mini-oral presentations. Important high-impact connections across institutions and continents were formed, leaving many attendees feeling like they had discovered their research community. From new insights into preventing perioperative neurocognitive disorders to translating discoveries into products to re-examining preoperative fasting, three sessions on Friday, May 17 and Saturday, May 18, promised new avenues for future research and improved patient outcomes were explored. Plus, one previous IARS Mentored Research Award Recipient and abstract presenter shared her research path. Keep reading to learn more!

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Newsletter Issue 3: May 19, 2024

In this issue, discover key takeaways from six sessions which explored exciting opportunities for advancement in anesthesiology, medicine and most importantly, patient care. One session looked at generative artificial intelligence and its potential impact on patient care and the anesthesiologist while another postulated on solutions to reduce the maternal mortality rates in the United States. Another session offered exciting research on better regulating circadian rhythms and another discussed ways to improve perioperative handoffs. Two awards sessions spotlighted promising young researchers and forward-looking investigations that will very likely positively change medicine. Hear from an IARS Mentored Research Award Recipient about how this award shaped his career and current research trajectory.  Read on to delve into all the inspiring details!

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Newsletter Issue 4: May 20, 2024

In this issue, discover strategies for tackling difficult challenges facing the specialty of anesthesiology. A collection of sessions from May 17-19 at the 2024 Annual Meeting, presented by IARS and SOCCA, presented new solutions for rethinking how we address cultural obstacles and clinically difficult cases. One thought-provoking session offered a plan to improve workforce culture and reduce workplace violence within the field. Another engaging workshop taught practical skills to build grant writing skills and learn to better promote yourself and your research. Two intensive sessions focused on the important skills needed to improve care for the cardiac patient from advanced hemodynamics of cardiogenic shock to new developments for addressing cardiopulmonary resuscitation. One fascinating session contrasted the treatment of anatomically difficult airways vs. physiologically difficult airways. An additional session shared new discoveries in the neurological effects of anesthesia in young children. Finally, two Kosaka Abstract Award Finalists share insights into their important research and anticipate exciting new advancements in the future. Read on to find out all the terrific details!

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Newsletter Issue 5: May 24, 2024

In this issue, you will gain insight into all the bright and promising young researchers and clinicians who offer fresh ideas and aim to enrich the specialty of anesthesiology for the better. Two sessions from the Scholars’ Program on Saturday, May 18 provided the tools for early-career scholars to develop a successful research program and learn how to deftly balance education, research and clinical care in an academic career. Another session provided a behind-the-scenes look at how a study section works and how to tailor your grant applications for success. In three other sessions, impressive research was revealed from precision medicine to translational science to safeguard perioperative brain health to an exciting rapid-succession of early-career investigations, spanning the full spectrum of research. Read on to take in the excitement and gain new research insights that promise to advance future patient care.

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Newsletter Issue 6: May 28, 2024

We are still buzzing from all the exciting knowledge and wisdom that was shared at the 2024 Annual Meeting, presented by IARS and SOCCA, May 17-19, in Seattle. We were especially encouraged by all of the meaningful connections made during the meeting among a stellar group of bright minds who are doing important work for the advancement of anesthesia research and patient care. We want to take a moment to thank our incredible, hard-working Daily Dose team who made it possible to bring the standout moments from this meeting to you. In this final issue of The Daily Dose, we highlight some of the exemplary sessions and thought leaders who contributed to the amazing energy and knowledge exchanges at this event. From the International Science Symposium, which offered strategies to combat opioid abuse to sessions addressing timely topics such as equitable anesthesia care and oncoanesthesia care around the world – vital thought-provoking conversations happened! Plus, be sure to learn more about the promising young investigators who were recognized as the Kosaka Top Abstract Award Winners! Read on to share in the excitement that occurred throughout the meeting!

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