The Daily Dose • Tuesday, May 21

Tweet Sweet: Sparking Important Conversations at the IARS 2019 Annual Meeting Together

We want to acknowledge the IARS community and the enthusiastic participants and social media influencers who attended and took part in the IARS 2019 Annual Meeting. It’s your energy and engagement that takes the learning offered at the meeting to the next level. With your participation, the Twitter account for Anesthesia & Analgesia, the official journal of IARS, increased in mentions at this year’s meeting significantly. The hashtag #IARS2019 had an estimated reach of more than 377,134 accounts compared to 3,900 for #IARS2018. With 1,221 tweets and 358 contributors tweeting and retweeting, we can see that you are sparking important conversations across institutions and nations, connecting with and encouraging each other, over social media and in person.

We know that sharing ideas and learning from each other is how innovation and positive change happen and how we continue to move the specialty of anesthesia forward. Thanks to the meeting attendees, members, subspecialty societies, institutions and board members for tweeting about the IARS 2019 Annual Meeting and moving our field into the future, rethinking how we practice medicine and interact with and treat each other, so we can reach our common goal of improving the care of our patients and ourselves.

Some topics that surfaced on social media during the meeting included women in anesthesia and the role social media can play in research and career advancement. We encourage you to keep the conversation going past this meeting and into the future. Because we know together, we can accomplish great things.

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