The Daily Dose • Tuesday, May 21

A Follow-up to “A Walk in Her Shoes: Women in Anesthesia”

Thanks for letting us know that the article in Monday’s edition of The Daily Dose, “A Walk in Her Shoes: Women in Anesthesia,” spoke to you. We’re listening and want to be sure this conversation doesn’t stop here. Please contact us if you want to connect with others interested in discussing and examining this topic. We want to bring you together – because we know how important it is to share and learn from each other.

To pick up where Sunday’s themed breakfast left off, we are sharing a couple articles we found on the topic below.

Representation of Women on the Editorial Board

Is it Time for #UsToo in the Medical Profession?

Representation of Female Authors

Please share with us any other articles that you find valuable on this topic. And if you’re interested in joining the conversation about women in anesthesia, contact [email protected]