Supporting education and research in the field of anesthesiology is central to the mission of the IARS. As part of this commitment, we are actively engaged in the publication of several leading-edge outlets designed to advance the anesthesiology specialty and improve patient care.

Loving Every Second

In this video, Dr. Ashish Khanna talks about why getting together with colleagues from around the world is so important – and (of course) the role of the IARS Annual Meeting in making that happen.

Anesthesia & Analgesia

The flagship journal of the IARS, Anesthesia & Analgesia is published on a monthly basis and is a premier benefit for members of IARS. As the leading clinical journal in the field, each issue features peer-reviewed articles reporting on the latest advances in drugs, perioperative care, preoperative preparation, patient monitoring, pain management, patient safety, and many other timely topics.


A&A Practice Journal

A key benefit for members of IARS, A&A Practice publishes high quality case reports with a focus on important teaching points, novel educational tools, and innovative solutions regarding patient safety, pain, quality and performance improvement, and global health management issues. All Echo Rounds and Echo Didactics articles publish exclusively in A&A Practice.


A&A Bulletin

Delivered monthly right to the email inboxes of our members, A&A Bulletin shares key highlights from Anesthesia & Analgesia as well as other news from IARS.


Journal Affiliates

Anesthesia & Analgesia is the official journal of the IARS as well as twelve other premier professional organizations.


Journal eTOC

In order to access Journal eTOC, simply visit the Anesthesia & Analgesia home page. Once on that page, look under “Journal Info” in the column on the right and click on “Subscribe to eTOC.”


SmartTots Newsletter

The IARS sponsors the SmartTots initiative in partnership with the FDA and works with multiple stakeholders to address scientific and clinical gaps regarding the safe use of anesthetics and sedatives in children.


Encourage, stimulate, and fund ongoing anesthesia-related research projects that will enhance and advance the specialty, and to disseminate current, state-of-the-art, basic and clinical research data in all areas of clinical anesthesia, including perioperative medicine, critical care, and pain management. The IARS is focused solely on the advancement and support of education and scientific research related to anesthesiology.
A&A Case Reports

2019 Annual Meeting

The 2019 IARS Annual Meeting and International Science Symposium will be aligned with the Society of Critical Care Anesthesiologists (SOCCA) and Association of University Anesthesiologists (AUA) Annual Meetings, May 16 – May 20, 2019 at the Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Support IARS

The IARS contributes more than $1 million each year to fund important anesthesia research. Your donation will help support innovative and forward-thinking anesthesia research and education initiatives, all of which are designed to benefit patient care. You can feel good knowing that 100% of your donation is directly allocated to research.