IARS Sponsored Initiatives
The IARS is committed to advancing the field of anesthesiology through a number of research and educational initiatives that benefit not only practicing anesthesiologists but also patients of all ages. Below please find some of the ways we expand our reach in these areas.


The IARS sponsors the SmartTots initiative in partnership with the FDA and works with multiple stakeholders to address scientific and clinical gaps regarding the safe use of anesthetics and sedatives in children. Research funded through SmartTots investigates multiple aspects of existing anesthetics and their administration, including dosage and exposure. Click here to learn more!


Sponsored by the IARS, OpenAnesthesia™ premiered in 2009 as an experimental project designed to advance graduate medical education in the field of anesthesia. Founded by Dr. Edward C. Nemergut and Dr. Robert Thiele, the initiative has grown considerably and now offers comprehensive online and mobile educational resources for anesthesiologists around the world. Click here to learn more!



SelfStudyPLUS is a personalized, adaptive learning system that provides access to more than 2,100 questions written by teaching physicians at top hospitals via an easy-to-use web app. It provides an opportunity for anesthesiologists to strengthen their knowledge and retention via innovative technology based on research in education, cognitive psychology, and neuroscience. Participants can earn up to 10 hours of CME for every 50 correct questions. Visit SelfStudyPLUS today or visit SelfStudyQbank if you prefer a more traditional question bank.


Support IARS

The IARS contributes more than $1 million each year to fund important anesthesia research. Your donation will help support innovative and forward-thinking anesthesia research and education initiatives, all of which are designed to benefit patient care. You can feel good knowing that 100% of your donation is directly allocated to research.