2010 SCA-IARS Starter Grant

Tetsuro Sakai, MD, PhD

Professor, Department of Anesthesiology

University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Dr. Sakai’s Research

Role of tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase in stem cell mediated neuronal protection in vitro.


Related Publications

Complications related to invasive hemodynamic monitors during adult liver transplantation.
Lu SY, Matsusaki T, Abuelkasem E, Sturdevant ML, Humar A, Hilmi IA, Planinsic RM, Sakai T.

The rate of complications directly related to invasive monitors during liver transplantation (LT) was reviewed in 1206 consecutive adult LTs performed over 8.6 yr (1/1/2004-7/31/2012). The designated anesthesiologists placed intra-operative monitors…

Stem cells decreased neuronal cell death after hypoxic stress in primary fetal rat neurons in vitro.
Sakai T, Xu Y.

To explore stem cell-mediated neuronal protection through extracellular signaling pathways by transplanted stem cells, we sought to identify potential candidate molecules responsible for neuronal protection using an in vitro coculture system. Primary fetal rat hippocampal neurons…

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