2013 SCA-IARS Starter Grant

Robert H. Thiele, MD

Assistant Professor
Department of Anesthesiology
University of Virginia School of Medicine
Charlottesville, Virginia

Dr. Thiele’s Research

Comparison of broad-band near-infrared spectroscopy-derived mitochondrial oxidation state and tissue oxygen saturation for the detection of ischemia in two models of rat cerebral ischemia.

Read more about Dr. Thiele’s research at the Technology in Anesthesia and Critical Care group at the University of Virginia.

Related Publications

Real-time Doppler-based arterial vascular impedance and peripheral pressure-flow loops: a pilot study.
Thiele RH, Bartels K, Esper S, Ikeda K, Gan TJ.

Arterial pressure-flow loops and vascular impedance provide additional data that could be used to assess the hemodynamic effects of therapeutic interventions in anesthetized patients. To evaluate the utility…

AKI Associated with Cardiac Surgery.
Thiele RH, Isbell JM, Rosner MH.

Approximately 18% of patients undergoing cardiac surgery experience AKI (on the basis of modern standardized definitions of AKI), and approximately 2%-6% will require hemodialysis. The development of AKI after cardiac surgery portends…

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