2013 Teaching Recognition Award for Innovation in Education

Jeffrey M. Taekman, MD

Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology
Director of the Duke The Human Simulation and Patient Safety Center
Assistant Dean for Educational Technology within the School of Medicine
Duke University School of Medicine
Durham, North Carolina

“The lessons learned from game developers, including how to foster engagement, how to motivate, and how to improve cognition/learning, will ultimately revolutionize education. At Duke, we have combined the emerging trends of online education, simulation, and gaming into ILE@D: Immersive Learning Environments @ Duke. ILE@D is an ecosystem of game-based, three-dimensional, interactive modules accessible from an internet-connected computer (and, in the future, any mobile device). ILE@D provides an interactive ‘front end’ to online education for the health professions. Equally important, the data derived from ‘game-play’ will be aggregated and analyzed–informing future learning and assessment solutions. We believe ILE@D is the first of a new generation of game-based tools that ultimately will revolutionize the very nature of education and assessment in the health professions.”

Dr. Taekman is the co-inventor of the ILE@D Platform