Our staff is dedicated to the advancement of the IARS mission. We are committed to providing our members and the anesthesia field as a whole with the best educational materials, access to valuable networking opportunities, and support for research. Please reach out to the appropriate department with any questions.

Vivian Abalama, IOM, CAE
Managed Societies Director

Julie Bradaric, IOM, CAE
Operations Director

Tricia Brazil
Program Director
Research Awards
SmartTots Initiative

Thomas A. Cooper
Executive Director

Jeanette Esau
eLearning Operations Manager

Kristin Howard, CMP, HMCC
Meetings and Education Director

Tracy Katz
Meetings and Education Specialist

Tracy Meyer
eLearning Program Manager

Jason Pointe
Publications Director

Andrea Stagliano Rodden
Meetings and Education Manager

Meghan Whitbeck
Marketing and Member Engagement Director

International Anesthesia Research Society
90 New Montgomery Street, Suite 412
San Francisco, CA 94105

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