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SelfStudyPLUS now offers more best-in-class content to help further residents’ career development

Now you can be even more confident that you are helping cultivate successful, knowledgeable physician anesthesiologists. Residents can now access top-selling American Society for Anesthesiologists (ASA) educational content, such as ACE deep dives into anesthesia fundamentals and Summaries of Emerging Evidence (SEE) from global journals, as part of the growing bank of 2,900+ questions. IARS has joined forces with ASA to enhance SelfStudyPLUS and improve learning through even greater connection and relevance.

SelfStudyPLUS continues to draw upon the latest insights from education, psychology, and neuroscience to deliver individualized learning on an adaptive, AI-driven platform — all to help residents absorb, understand, and retain critical information efficiently.

Look for expanded, best-in-class clinical content that can be directly applied to residents’ practice for longer-term retention.

Trainee and Early-Career Resources

The IARS is committed to providing its trainee and early-career members with resources to succeed in their career in anesthesiology.


Sponsored by the IARS, OpenAnesthesia™ premiered in 2009 as an experimental project designed to advance graduate medical education in the field of anesthesia. Founded by Dr. Edward C. Nemergut and Dr. Robert Thiele, OpenAnesthesia™ offers over 1,000 podcasts and video interviews with experts on pertinent topics like burnout and physician wellness, and CME activities on the latest techniques, such as EEG for Anesthesia.

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