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The IARS is committed to advancing the field of anesthesiology through a number of research and educational initiatives that benefit not only practicing anesthesiologists but also patients of all ages. Below please find some of the ways we expand our reach in these areas.

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We periodically will post updates and information from IARS on this page. Stay tuned for articles on a variety of topics of interest to IARS members.



A&A Bulletin

A&A Bulletin, an e-bulletin for IARS members, provides an overview of the current edition of Anesthesia & Analgesia as well as highlights of other IARS news and announcements.



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IARS Learning

IARS Learning is a monthly e-newsletter that provides highlights of the latest videos and podcasts available from IARS and OpenAnesthesia™. The more than 1,000 videos and podcasts from IARS and OpenAnesthesia™ include interviews with experts on pertinent topics, including opportunities to claim CME and tutorials on techniques like EEG for Anesthesia, and presentations from the IARS Annual Meetings.



IARS Research News

The IARS Research News, an e-newsletter for IARS members, curates the latest IARS research content and news in the specialty into one, easy-to-access location, saving you time from your busy schedule and providing a tool to improve your anesthesiology endeavors.


IARS YouTube Channel

Find out what the experts in the field are saying about the Annual Meeting, IARS and anesthesia as a whole in videos on the IARS YouTube Channel.


SmartTots News

Read the latest news about pediatric anesthesia research focused on making surgery safer for infants and children.


The Daily Dose

The Daily Dose is the official e-newsletter of the IARS Annual Meeting. After each day of the meeting, IARS members and Annual Meeting attendees will receive articles and summaries of sessions presented. Each day, review the sessions you have attended or read about the sessions you might have missed.

Advice from A&A Editors: What You Should Know about Submitting Manuscripts

Each year, over 1800 manuscripts are submitted for review. Of those manuscripts, about 35% are accepted for publication. The A&A Editors offer a few tips for preparing your manuscript for success.

Value of Presenting Research at the IARS Annual Meeting

Find out why researchers from all stages in their careers and backgrounds choose to present their research during poster session presentations at the IARS Annual Meeting and why they find this experience valuable. Learn more at

The Importance of Innovative Research

Find out why 2018 IMPACT Award Winner Dr. Michael Aziz says research is critical to the future of anesthesiology. The IMPACT award’s goal is to facilitate large clinical trials to answer important anesthesiology-related questions.

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