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IARS is pleased to announce a new member benefit: IARS360!

IARS360 is your new way to stay current with the rapidly evolving body of anesthesiology knowledge, from an easy-to-use mobile app that features a personalized content feed on your device, wherever you are.

This AI-powered platform is a one-stop digital destination for Anesthesia & Analgesia, A&A Practice articles, annual meeting session videos and abstracts, CME, and much more, personalized to your specific interests and needs. Just like Amazon or Facebook, IARS360 quickly learns from your interactions and preferences to present you with the most relevant articles, podcasts, meeting lectures and more that match your areas of interest and specialty.

You can star your favorite items, rate topics, bookmark articles to read later or complete CME activities among other functionalities available. IARS360 curates content for you based on your previous choices, popularity of the topic within the community and other members whose profiles and interests align with yours.

IARS360 also offers multiple methods for navigating the platform, including by topic area, what’s trending, content curated by our editors or an advanced machine learning-powered search so relevant content is more accessible.

The IARS360 Support team is available via the Support Center or by email at [email protected] to assist users through their experience.

We hope that IARS360 will help you to accomplish goals, keep your practice current, and stay engaged in the anesthesiology community – all in the limited free time you have available!

Start using IARS360 today or join the IARS membership to gain access to this benefit.

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