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IARS has partnered with DocMatter to create a member community for high-quality, clinical discussions, to help in sharing your experience, ideas, and questions. DocMatter is a networking platform tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the medical community. This partnership will be particularly advantageous in connecting with members at other institutions.

  • Connect with colleagues and thought leaders
  • Collaborate and strategize on best practices for your clinical and research practice
  • Join or start discussions on the most pertinent topics related to the anesthesiology specialty
  • Plus, participate in a broader 30,000 member Global COVID-19 Community

All of this is available to you as a benefit of your IARS membership.

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N95 Respirator Information – Literature on Decontamination and Research on New Product Performance by make and model

Interest in decontamination and re-use of N95 and similarly rated particle filtering face respirator (FFR) masks designed for single use remains high due to sustained unmet demand during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For those interested in respiratory protection including N95 FFR, see our page on the topic, including new publications, summaries, and a spreadsheet of testing information of hundreds of new FFR manufactured in various countries, performed by NIOSH and ECRI, a health quality institute.


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IARS Endorses intubateCOVID Registry

IARS has agreed to endorse and help fund the US component of intubateCOVID.org, a global registry to track occupational exposures and health outcomes for anesthesiologists and other clinicians involved in airway management for COVID-19 patients. To learn more about participating, please visit intubatecovid.org or contact the project team at [email protected].

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